Evanco Announces Reliability-Centered Maintenance Program for Customer’s Critical Pressure Mains

“We don’t want to spend any money prematurely.  Come up with a program that would allow us to spend only when we need to spend, and do so wisely”.

dice This was a challenge recently posed by a valued customer who wanted to re-examine the strategic use of capital and operating cash resources.  Evanco was asked to provide innovative ideas for pushing the life cycle curve for their conveyance assets, providing a “just in time” repair approach.

The shift from expensive condition assessment and rehabilitation programs to baseline asset studies coupled with intelligent, non-destructive, 24/7 monitoring programs allowed us to stretch the customer’s budget dollar more than ever before.  A network of remote sensors can now collect, report and analyze data round-the-clock, leaving our customer with the peace of mind needed to get on with their core duties – plant production, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Reliability-Centered MaintenanceEvanco is pioneering remote sensor installations on aging critical pipelines, coupled with the data analysis, collection, and decisions our industrial customers need.  We are delivering Reliability-Centered Maintenance for a 21st Century bottom line.  Let us show you what we can do “just in time”.