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Established in 1993, Evanco Environmental Technologies, Inc. was created to provide innovative and often unique services for the aging industrial pipeline wastewater and water infrastructure.

Celebrating 20 Years of Experience

Evanco provides a strategic overview of customer pipeline systems, which includes risk assessment and working with customers’ professional staff to design a solution that is appropriate for each client. Our services include pipeline assessment, designing solutions that will extend asset life by monitoring or rehabilitation, and fabrication/installation of trenchless designs. We provide proactive maintenance for aging pipelines that are at risk of deterioration, corrosion, blockages, collapses and bursts. We have developed techniques, equipment, and reporting protocols to properly clean and inspect sewers without disrupting production and operation. We also provide water and sewer rehabilitation repairing and rehabilitating services for pressure and gravity pipelines. Our customers include the most respected industrial firms in North America, such as Fortune 500 food companies and Fortune 500 chemical and petrochemical companies.

In addition, we provide extensive pipeline condition assessment services, such as the analysis of the parameters that have a direct bearing on pipeline function and future. Our condition assessment services involve generating a comprehensive report on the state of the customer’s pipelines and includes recommendations that define the necessary steps and priorities to repair, renew and protect assets and maximize their life cycles.

Evanco also provides services in the rapidly growing market for trenchless construction in order to solve challenging problems with underground infrastructure while minimizing environmental impact and saving time, money and operational disruptions. We offers a variety of trenchless construction methods, from sliplining and spray lining to cured-in-place lining and directional drilling.

At Evanco, we pride ourselves in always putting safety first. Our crews are training in confined space entry and rescue. We are constantly engaging our staff to be self aware and observant to changing site conditions and safety standards!

Evanco is a proud supporter of Trenchless Technology and is a Silver Member of the Center for the Advancement of Trenchless Technology (CATT)


Company History
  • 10 Jan 1993

    1993 – The Beginnings

    Evanco Environmental Technologies is Incorporated in Bracebridge Ontario

  • 15 Mar 1993

    1993 – First use of CIPP

    First use of CIPP in process sewer by Evanco in the USA

  • 11 Aug 1993

    1993 – New Installation

    First Installation of Duel Contained Process Piping in Corpus Christi, Texas

  • 10 Jun 1994

    1994 – New Installation

    First Installation of Duel Contained force main piping in Delisle, Mississippi

  • 11 Sep 1994

    1994 – First Major Project

    First major project of industrial slip lining in Richmond, Virginia

  • 14 Apr 1995

    1995 – SHEA Award for Slip Lining

    Evanco was awarded a Safety Health and Environmental Award (SHEA) for its first industrial slip lining project in Richmond Virginia

  • 14 Sep 1997

    1997 – Awarded Shield of Irenee

    Evanco introduces TroLining to the North American market and is awarded the Shield of Irenee for Environmental and Engineering Excellence in Richmond, Virginia

  • 14 Apr 1999

    1995-1999 Major PCB Abatement Program

    Evanco was awarded a Safety Heath and Environmental Award (SHEA) for this PCB abatement program in Mt. Clemens, Michigan

  • 14 Nov 2005

    2005 – First Use of Leak Detection

    Evanco began use of non-intrusive leak detection equipment at industrial plants in the USA and Canada

  • 14 Apr 2014

    2014 – Trenchless Project of the Year

    Evanco successfully completed a huge trenchless project using CIPP and manhole rehabilitation which was awarded Trenchless Project of the Year by Sprayroq

  • 05 Jan 2015

    2015 – First use of Tomahawk

    Evanco begins working with the Tomahawk system to waterlessly clean pipe in industrial and municipal settings across North America

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