Pipeline Rehabilitation

There are many rehabilitation solutions available for pressure and gravity pipelines. We have realized that no two industrial rehabilitation projects are the same.

Customers are best served with open minds, fresh ideas and directed motivation – “thinking” that conceives then deploys the right solution at the right time, the first time.

We have been repairing and rehabilitating pipelines for over 20 years, from gravity drains carrying highly-corrosive chemical effluent to industrial force mains and water mains. Each and every project has presented unique challenges to overcome such as safety considerations, non-standard designs, difficult operational demands, and unexpected surprises.

Bypass Setup1

We have come to realize that the anatomy of solution has many components. However, thinking remains the single most important component, and it is best deployed at project conception. Innovation and entrepreneurial passion should then drive the solution!

Evanco is pleased to provide our own fusion services! Reducing costs and improving quality!